Our Core Essence

Our Mission - RtHE provides value adding, Change and Strategy Management advisory services to businesses and thereby instils confidence and translates people and business potential into tangible, individual and organisational results for our customers' benefits while exploring investment opportunities.

Our Values.

  • Passion – We shall translate every project from paper to real life achievements and amiable results through Enthusiasm, Dedication, and resolute Commitment.

  • Respect – We shall revere Ourselves, our Vision, our Stakeholders including our Families, our Customers, our Policies, and everything that counts so that we become an example as individuals and as a business to all and sundry.

  • Integrity – We shall speak only the Truth, and Confidentiality shall be our imperative as we work together for our benefit.

  • Customer Engaging – We don't just want serve our customers, we want to Care, we want to be part of their lives and watch their businesses explode to greater heights.

  • Execution – For every task menial or great, Diligence and Professionalism shall be there, Teamwork within and Collaboration without will not lack, and finally Accountability and Rewards shall flow to all.